Hike: Solstice Canyon

First real walk with our new addition, Didi.

DiDi is an Australian Cattle Dog, between one and a half and two years old, about a week out of the San Pedro dog pound. Her original name was to be Darwin Drover, though that was selected when we thought Didi was a he. She is not. Yes, there are many obvious questions here, but just… we were wrong.

At once a very typical ACD (smart) but also garners comments from all who know the breed about how calm she is. She’s been great for us and we were happy to reward her with some trail time.

Solstice Canyon is a beautiful little walk just off PCH –  many other websites have the details so I’ll spare them here and limit my commentary to saying that this is a great place to take a walk in the winter, and one of the most verdant canyons I’ve seen around L.A.

We walked in hours after the last of LA’s fairly torrential rains in the second week of February 2009 and had the entire walk in to ourselves. The rain, though, had turned the creek in to a fairly raging river, forcing us to miss the ruins in the back of the canyon and retrace our steps back to the car.