Silverado Trail Duathlon – kind of

“Am I saying yes? This is crazy…

Good thing I like crazy.

(My response to Tom’s inquiry as to whether or not I would like to do repeats of 20 miles cycling followed by 5 miles running on the Silverado Trail)

I think I burned myself out on pure endurance stuff last summer, going from zero to 7 hour run/ride days most weekends, so my volume this summer has been slack. I’ve spent a lot of time in the water and on rock, but that don’t pay the bills on the road and trails

My (limited) rides have all been great retribution – for my partners – who have all put in tons of saddle time and take joy in making me hurt the same way that I did them last season. My runs have been casual affairs, mostly along the marina green and shorter loops in the headlands when I want to make a destination trip. So when Tom, who is now tapering for his participation in the Madison, Wisconsin, Iron Man, asked me to go do a multisport day in Napa, I should have known better.

The basic setup is Ride 20/Run 5/Ride 20/Run 4/Ride 20/ Run 3 on the Silverado trail.

The area is totally conducive to something like this: you park right next to a Starbucks and Long’s Drugs about a 1/4 mile from the ST, so every trip is an out-and-back to your car. Also, it’s flat. Way flat.

If you are training and need something to break the monotony, this will do it. Alternatively, if you have friends who are strong that proposition you on this and you accept, you will get what you deserve. I did. Ouch.

Note: there is apparently a lot of tension/animosity between some locals and what they perceive as tourists, city folk, whatever. As you might guess, a good decision tree on the people likely to cause problems is something like:

a – [Pickup truck Y/N] – if Y then b

b – [Male Y/N] – if Y then c

c – [Age 16-40] – If Y then result

Result: duck and cover, get as far on to the shoulder as you can, prepare for impact, insults, etc.