Holy shit, that’s big.

So we’re bobbing and riding our way through Friday morning, about mid-way along Linda Mar beach, when Wojtek says “Ryno, there’s something out there”. Out of habit (and hope) I told him exactly what I have told myself every single time I’ve had an “unverified” fin sighting at Ocean Beach – nope, it’s nothing. Just light on the water or a bird’s shadow.

But he kept it up, and got more insitant.

Finally I trained my eyes where he pointed, waited a minute, and prepared to dismiss it again.

That’s about when it surfaced.

“Wow”, I think to myself, “that’s a humpback whale”. In pacifica. About 150 feet from me.

Ok; let’s break this situation down: We are sitting on surfboards 30 feet from shore. Quite suddenly there is an animal roughly the size of two school buses making its presence known at a relatively short distance from me. Wonder what else is going on down there that I haven’t been made aware of.

We ended up sitting there about 20 minutes just watching this thing roll, surface, and spout. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. An experience which came to an end quite abruptly when we both saw a torpedo-shaped wave breaking, really fast, straight at us. Wojtek and I literally looked at each other and began to paddle for shore even before saying a word. Whales are big and cool and mostly peaceful and have had supporting roles in a Star Trek movie. Whatever this was met none of those criteria.

(not my picture, obviously)