Bay to Beach to Tam to Beach to Bay

I’ve toyed with doing the Race Across Marin for a while now, but have been put off for some reason. Envirosports puts on good events, but it’s always seemed to me like I could do something like this on my own and save the $200 entry fee.

This is my version of something nearly as terrible, but $200 cheaper.

Essentially it’s the following:

-RIDE from SF up to Stinson Beach (20m)

-RUN Steep Ravine Trail to (Old Mine Trail) to Pantoll Station

-RUN Coastal Fire Road  HW 1 (or Heather cutoff) to Muir Beach, turn around and go back up Coastal Fire Road to Pantoll Station

-RUN back down Steep Ravine Trail to Stinson Beach (16m running total), get back on the bike and

-RIDE back to SF (20m).

All-in it goes at 40 miles of cycling, bridge to bridge, and 16+ miles of running – all but about 3-4 miles of which are on great trails.

LOGISTICS: water and fuel are perfectly spaced: Home (yours, not mine), Stinson (food and water), Pantoll  Station (water), Shoreline (the fruit and drinks stand is always there in summer, though I didn’t take advantage this time), Muir Beach (plenty of unattended garden hoses down that way. I’m just saying…), Pantoll Station, and back to Stinson Beach and then homeward. You’re never more than 1:30 from h2o.

Other tips:

The big boat chain along the fence that faces the fire station makes for a sturdy and well-attended place to lock a bike for the run section.

One could shorten both the bike and run distances by starting the run at the trailhead to Coastal fire road on HW1. It’s directly across the street from the large pullout where the fruit stand is always set up. In the absence of the fruit stand, you can find it by keeping an eye out for the fire road truck gate about 1 mile after the Muir Beach overlook sign.

This would probably put the bike around 30m and run around 13m, r/t.


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