Whistler 2007

The guys’ annual ski trip.

2007 destination? Whistler, British Columbia.

Weather was the major variable here, with horrible visibility and fog/drizzle most days. I’m an avowed fan of softshell technology (and was way back when cloudveil and a very few other companies were still trying to “sell” people on the concept – imagine that), but these were the days that made one long for something as waterproof as a rain slicker. We did see, in fact, a bunch of people skiing/boarding wrapped in trash bags. I guess they were locals and knew something we didn’t.

This trip also marked the most spectacularly violent ripper I’ve ever taken on the hill – on a GROOMED RUN. There aren’t supposed to be mini-fridge sized blocks of ice on a groomed run, but sure enough, there it was. Did I mention that visibility was horrible? I’ve never intentionally stayed down after a fall to make sure that 10 toes and 10 fingers were still working, but I sure as hell did after this train wreck. All this after having said that the only thing capable of ruining this trip for me was (seriously, I said this…) “a serious injury”.

Whistler lived up to its party reputation, though the spring break action was fairly muted. The Longhorn was definitely THE spot all week. We were sold on B.C. after our waitress was able to deliver not only beer but the rest of our party favors as well…


in-bounds avalanches? wow. snowpack was obviously tricky for the avvy teams with new precipitation (snow, rain, and mix) falling every night.

A Bluebird day (hour)

we did have one bluebird day, er… hour.

The Whole Crew

the whole crew rallys yet again.

The definition of Whistler weather

this is what I saw for most of the trip – limited visibility but near-constant new snow.

Go for it, John

john is honestly the only respectable skier in our group. oh well.

It’s all over

you too can pay $80 a day to experience 6 open lifts!

A powder day?

final day, and a powder day. nobody around and fresh tracks on every run.

Can we ski now?

hurry this shit up! The benefit of being the first one to get ready is that you get to wait…and wait…and wait…