Carrizo Plain National Monument

Two pictures.

This place is better in theory than practice.

Theory: Geographically unique in that it’s one of the last few true basin habitats in the US (no drainage, everything that falls/flows in either evaporates out or stays forever), salt lake, unique topography, flora and fauna. Clinton appointed this a national monument in deference to it’s unique ecology. Native american rock paintings of high archaeological value.

Practice: Starkly beautiful but oddly depressing, like in a “dark magic energy vortex” depressing kind of way. I’ll never be able to explain just how strange it felt. Kind of reminds one of a place where nuclear weapons could be tested without much outcry. BLM managed (= 4 wheelers and hunters, for those of you not in the know). Condition of rock paintings leads me to believe that we must have few examples preserved to any degree.

While pictures from the Spring wildflower bloom look spectacular, I would not give this place a “recommended” label during any other season.

Carrizo Plains National Monument

Carrizo Plains National Monument