Marin Headlands

Photos from a 16 miler in the headlands.

Interesting start to the day: alerted rangers to a hiker in distress about 1/2 mile in and helped with his evacuation.

I attempted to haul him out myself but pretty quickly saw the futility of being a tripod for a guy four inches shorter, 40 pounds heavier, and with a fully blown-out knee.

Stone. Cold. Drunk.

This guy had managed to fall in the water (this is incredibly rugged coast), reeked of booze, and still managed to be alive. So much for darwinism.

The rest of the run was a beautiful introduction to longer distances in the Headlands.

(Rodeo Beach)/Costal/Wolf Ridge/Old Springs/Marincello/Miwok/Bobcat/Rodeo Valley Cutoff

Cliffs seen as Costal Trail turns inland

View as Costal Trail ends near Hill 88 / Wolf Trail


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